What Human Rights do you think Disabled People should have?

There is currently an exercise going on by which the Government reports back to the UN on how well it has implemented the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). There are also “Shadow Reports” being compiled around the country by user led disabled people’s organisation’s that will outline how well they believe the Government is doing. The UNCRPD was ratified by the UK on the 8th June 2009 before the surge in online campaign groups like the WOWpetition and rather than consider how well the Government has done in implementing this Treaty, the WOWcampaign (or WOWpetition mk.ii!!) is asking what should the UK Bill of Rights for Sick and Disabled People be, knowing what we know now!

What do you think? Tell us at http://edwinmandella.blogspot.co.uk/2014_07_01_archive.html

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2 comments on “What Human Rights do you think Disabled People should have?
  1. Disabled people can also be chronically sick, as well as have more than one disability.

    With the raised retirement age, housewives, divorcees and widows and the poorest workers will get nil state pension for life, that is for a great many their sole income in old age.

    The majority reason people over 50 not in work is due to disability / chronic illness.

    Not every disabled / chronically sick person can work.

    Work is not the sole means that anyone can contribute economically,
    as 75 per cent of all tax from people to government is from stealth indirect taxes and VAT, thus giving a 90 per cent tax rate for the poorest.

    Benefit is taxed as well as any other income far below the income tax basic allowance.

    The next idea is to tax Disability Living Allowance and its replacement PIP, that is leaving the disabled without benefit by loss in the change. The same is happening with the support component of ESA that will be replaced by Universal Credit.

    So far only The Greens in their 2015 election manifesto offer the universal safety net by right of citizenship of an enhanced Citizen Income, non-withdrawable, for the disabled / chronically sick.

    I am still trying to get clarification around the Citizen Income, as I never gained either disability or chronic sickness benefit, never applied for Jobseekers as know cannot comply and feared being fined, and from the Institute of Fiscal Studies my works pension is within the 10 per cent poorest level, at the 4 per cent mark within that grouping.

    Without benefit you cannot access food vouchers to food banks.

    Without benefit, you cannot access Cold Weather Payments, and without state pension neither the Winter Fuel Allowance, that loss £100 to most elderly that went as a rise to MPs second home allowance, that is the true spare room subsidy from the taxpayer.

    Bedroom Tax is inflicted on the poor, disabled or not.

    Lord Freud showed how politicians view the disabled, and it is hoped Labour’s vote of no confidence takes him out of post. But as the government did not dispense with Lord Freud, it shows the Lib Dems and Tories think the disabled as economically worthless.

    So what rights the disabled?

    The right to life.
    The right against starvation.
    The right of a basic income for all.
    The right to equal medical treatment.
    The right against the incitement by government and from the state through the media to hatred of the disabled.
    The right against harassment on the street against the disabled.
    The right against ageism.
    The right to a state pension at 60 for all.
    The right not to be libelled / slandered without evidence of committing criminal fraud.
    The right not to be portrayed on television with discrimination.
    The right not to be portrayed as a burden on income tax payers in work.
    The right not to be portrayed as the reason for the recession.
    The right against the theory of austerity in a recession, so blaming the poor for the normal course of economics of rise and fall of the economy over time.
    The right to portray all those on benefit not being just unemployed,
    but in fact are the
    97 per cent of benefits bill who are
    the working poor
    (on wages public or private at the level of worth back to 2002) and
    poor pensioners
    (on lowest state pension of rich nations, about to get massively reduced even further from 2016 for new claimants that are the women born from 1953 and men born from 1951).

    Able bodied or disabled and / or chronically sick,
    the 13 million struggling to make ends meet, are in danger to their wellbeing and health from wealthy politicians who represent only the 1 per cent elite.

    Even someone turning 80 from April 2016, has had the top-up to a basic pro rata state pension lost.

  2. I feel that human rights for disabled people have got worse,i comment on what i have seen with the suspension of services in my local area that were there for disabled people.
    The cuts involving benefits indicates a clear violation of the treaty in my opinion.

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