WOWCampaign’s response to this ConDem Government’s repeated statement that it is impossible to do a Cumulative Impact Assessment of the way the Welfare Reform Act affected Sick and Disabled people, despite evidence to the contrary.

WOWpetition secured a debate in the House of Commons on the 27th February at which here today, gone tomorrow Minister for Disabled People Mike Penning said, “the Institute for Fiscal Studies has also said that that could not be done properly and accurately enough” but agreed to look again in light of Cumulative Impact Assessments carried out by Scope and Simon Duffy at the Centre for Welfare Reform. However, on the 9th April 2014 he had reverted to his previous position by stating in response to a question from Naomi Long MP on whether he will review his decision not to carry out a cumulative impact assessment, that “the previous Government did not provide this type of analysis and that distributional analysis is provided for the whole population on the basis of household income and household expenditure. However this is not disaggregated to the level of household characteristics such as disability status or lower level geographies. No organisation is able to do this robustly.”

Also, Lord Freud said in response to The Social Security Advisory Committees call for a Cumulative Impact Assessment that he did not believe that data available could be reliably disaggregated for disabled people and said this was a view also help by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

However, The Institute for Fiscal Studies have denied ever having taken this position as reported in Disability News Service as follows:
“David Phillips, senior research economist for IFS, who wrote the report, said it was unclear where the government’s view about the organisation’s position on CIAs had come from; He said: “We can’t find anything we have written down saying we can’t do a CIA.”

WOWpetition are convinced that the evidence tends to suggest a conspiracy at the highest levels of government to hide the effects of this governments austerity programme on sick and disabled people. Many people have died whilst awaiting support from this government whilst stressed, humiliated and intimidated, as pointed out by Dennis Skinner at the WOWpetition debate. The Government does not want the public or press to know the true impact of the austerity plan on sick and disabled children and adults. A factual admission would put in contrast how one group are having their human rights attacked whilst another gets tax breaks.

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7 comments on “WOWCampaign’s response to this ConDem Government’s repeated statement that it is impossible to do a Cumulative Impact Assessment of the way the Welfare Reform Act affected Sick and Disabled people, despite evidence to the contrary.
  1. Fiona Guthrie says:

    Disgusted about the whole thing.

  2. A6er says:

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    Lord Freud is a typical Tory lying bastard in the same vane as Iain Duncan Smith and Ester McVey!
    They know only too well that a CIA will prove that the Tory led Coalition, with Cleggs FULL SUPPORT, have caused thousands of untold deaths,long term physical and mental damage,not to mention abject misery & poverty upon the sick, disabled and unemployed.
    But the truth will out as they say…it always does, and hopefully it will start to become clear just how malicious they have been once Labour regain power in 2015. I cant wait!

  3. they all now whot their polcies are doing it was never to save monies has they tell it was all to do with you and you fighting amonst yourself while they carried in thinning the sick disabled and unemployed by any means for them to say otherwise is fabrication by them how many have used email informing them killing us but on it goes while the real culprits are still fiddling the books still having vast bonuses and most of all private companies doing the dirty work for em were one cant foi asking why isnt it strange when the working person is looking at those on benefits not those in that house who have that open till were whot they spend returns to them who are the real social scroungers but also billy liars

  4. The Greens in their Spring Conference, added this manifesto pledge.

    A universal non-means tested citizen wage, that could not be withdrawn, that replaces the cruel benefit sanctions and losses of the current Coalition.

    The socialists back in 1997 gave hope to pensioners, that would now help them to win big in 2015, as in 2016 a huge scandal will break, when people 60 and over will end with no money in old age forever:

    See how the socialist manifesto in 1997 could help pensioners, who are also suffering all the benefits cuts of all ages but not listed in government unemployment figures after 60 yet no state pension payout:

  5. The Welfare Reform Act is not only about the unemployed, disabled, chronic sick and women who turned 60 from 2013 who lost state pension payout yet delayed, sanctioned or lost or never gained benefit.

    It is about the 97 per cent of the benefits bill that goes to poor pensioners only on state pension and/or small works pensions and the working poor, who have increased yet not bringing in more Income Tax to government as far below the basic tax allowance.

    Half of the over 50s are within the working poor. The majority reason people over 50 not in work is due to being disabled / chronic sick. Even someone 60 and disabled are sanctioned off any food money from loss of benefit.

    The bulk of those going to food banks are people in work, either waged or self employed.

    We now know Lord Freud’s real belief around the disabled being economically worthless.

    The disabled generate a huge number of jobs and businesses in the economy that pay taxes to employ people and corporate taxes.

    Whatever benefit the disabled / chronic sick receive, goes directly back to government in a full round robin of funding, from the 75 per cent of tax from people to government that comes from stealth indirect taxes and VAT, so giving about a 90 per cent tax rate for the poorest people, in or out of work.

    My personal website has changed to
    with links to a speech tour in October chaired by The Left Unity Party
    about European socialist parties who won electoral success and how they did it.

  6. […] meet the requirements for debate in Parliament and are patronised and belittled, remember the response to the fantastic WOW campaign? The  issues around finding the Truth from this Govt. are growing […]

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