Francesca Martinez’s petition as mentioned on “The Wright Stuff” on the 7th December 2015

You can find Francesca’s petition here;

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4 comments on “Francesca Martinez’s petition as mentioned on “The Wright Stuff” on the 7th December 2015
  1. Richie says:

    The Conservative starts with Con, It’s were they make their Con’s at the Houses of Conner’s, oh I mean Conmen’s, I’m sorry, I mean Commons. The governments don’t care. They never have and never will. We lie to us each and everyday, and We are all in this together?? Ha what a joke. All they are in it together is to make people suffer and drain as much money off people who are poor. And we people are cornered to vote these faces of the so called governments, along with there lies, deceit, Con’s and added policies during there reign in Parliament. Sorry to say this, but The fun is yet to begin.

    David Cameron and his Cronies are all making it hard for the disability and even physically Disabled to get help they deserve, by spending thousands to an unfair scheme they come up with to save money. They taken that phrase, spend more to make more to another level. But they are doing it with there eyes shut and without care. This Atos Con came from the Governments, of course, were else would it come from. So they spend thousands on these private firms to assess you, they assess you by doctors who are out of business and don’t know and don’t feel confident with, they come to visit you with all the forms all the questions already filled out before they arrive. And they say its a fair assessment?

    Like I said, the fun is yet to begin with the governments, the governments has lots more hardship and bad schemes in the pipeline ready to bring us down even more.

  2. Hi ritchie I came across a article that is relevant to me but could not contact on the web site called roaring girl I wonder if you can point me in the right direction its regards to a female artist and its called lying down / its to do with that article as I have I think relevant information for them thank u for taking time out to read this sorry also info is vauge hope you can help nessa btw I agree with your post .

  3. […] Source: Francesca Martinez’s petition as mentioned on “The Wright Stuff” on the 7th Decemb… […]

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