Calum’s List

Please: Can Government repair welfare reform so that no more families, nor friends have the names of their loved ones placed on this Memorial Page? Thankyou.

Welfare Reform Death Toll 30.

The list where welfare reform is alleged to have some culpability …

1. Richard Sanderson

2. Paul Reekie

3. Paul Willcoxson

4. Leanne Chambers

5. Christelle Pardo

6. Kayjah Pardo

7. Elaine Christian

8. George From Chesterfield

9. David Groves

10. Mark Mullins

11. Helen Mullins

12. Man From Uncle 

13. Vicky Harrison

14. Tuvalu Widow

15. Linda Knott

16. Jack Shemtob

17. Appeal Too Late To Save Sister

18. Stephen Hill

19. Sandra Moon

20. Craig Monk

21. Martin Rust

22. Paul Turner

23. Mark Scott

Though a little good news for Mark Scott’s Dad, Cliff:

24. Brian McArdle

Sadly too late for Brian McArdle. But we PLEAD with the DWP, Government and Parliament: Please make welfare reform SAFE and FIT FOR PURPOSE.

25. Christopher Charles Harness

An inquest at Louth Sessions House, was told Mr Harness was looked after by carer Lorraine Ruth Jones, but his mental state had deteriorated after hearing his funding was to be withdrawn.

This website list tries not to  be political, but unfortunately the issue is. Critics, please try  some decency and compassion. Detractors say that there is no evidence. A THREE hour debate by CROSS-PARTY MPs in the House of Commons on 17th January 2013 clearly showed there is a UK wide problem. Some MPs have up to ONE THIRD of their constituency mailbag and case-load taken up with current welfare reform problems. PLEASE make welfare reform better. PLEASE make it SAFE, FAIR and FIT FOR PURPOSE.

26. Karen Sherlock


Karen Sherlock – “How many more disabled people will die frightened that their benefits will be taken away?”

Karen Sherlock faced endless pressure, the judgement of society, the fear of destitution, the exhaustion of constant WCA and ESA assessments and endless forms – all as she battled to survive, and help other disabled people with what energy she was able to muster through her own overwhelming disablements. Karen eventually died of a suspected heart attack on 8th June 2012. Rest In Peace Karen, you cared for others and did your bit to help.

27. Carl Payne

Fears over losing his incapacity benefits and concerns about his health led a Whitehaven father-of-two to take his own life, an inquest has ruled. H.M. Coroner David Roberts concluded: “It is clear that he was worried that his benefits would be affected, and although he had no immediate financial worries and plenty of family support, he was perhaps concerned about depending too much on his family.”

28. Stephen Cawthra

29. Peter Hodgson

Fears over benefits led to tragedy: Christine Graham discovered Peter Hodgson dead at his home just a day after he received a text telling him to attend the Job Centre. “After the text, he just said: ‘I give up’,” quotes Christine, who was with Peter for 13 years. “He didn’t plan to kill himself,” she said. “I believe the text triggered him. He was terrified they would stop his money as he had four loans. He couldn’t handle stress and would worry.”

Mr Hodgson, was unable to work after he suffered a brain haemorrhage and a stroke and had his leg fused following a football injury. He had previous worked as a life-guard.

30. Colin Traynor



A huge thankyou to the House of Commons for the debat held on 17th January 2013. Often our Members of Parliament receive a bad press. Today’s debate brought to the main chamber by the Rt Hon Michael Meacher MP to highlight problems surrounding the Work Capability Assessment and concerns over welfare reform showed how Parliament can present itself at it’s finest.

The strength and quality of debate was added to in impact by the almost universal and unusual CROSS-PARTY concensus with contributions from all politcal sides that the current Welfare Capabilty Assessment system needs reforming and to be made fair. Importantly the WCA needs to be made fit-for-purpose.

However, many, many Members of Parliament distinguished themselves with a fine, forensic, and genuinely honorouble debate.

Official Parliament Debate 17 January 2013

Whatever else, this day, the House of Commons was at it’s best.

Thankyou from the heart.



1,666 Welfare Reform Deaths

… each year where people who the DWP / ATOS medically assess and enforce as “fit-to-work” inconveniently die after their DWP / ATOS medical assessment. How can a DWP / ATOS assessment system be so fundamentally and fatally flawed – yet allowed to continue with ministerial impunity to answer for these deaths?

12 comments on “Calum’s List
  1. Alison says:

    One more to add to the list. Helen Porter aged 39, died 11 May 2012 in an air ambulance from her third heart attack after being passed fit for work by ATOS the previous month. She also suffered lymphodema, a painful and debilitating condition. She did not live to see her appeal and her money was reduced by the DWP so she was unable to pay bills and was given additional heartache and despair in her last few weeks of life. RIP beautiful lady, much missed.

    • drmelmorris says:

      Devastation. I’m heartbroken by this and all the others who’ve died through this torturous humiliating unnecessary process. This is forcing people to beg which is a criminal offence, where by they then get fined which they can’t pay so go to jail. It’s £58,000/prisoner! Therefore, this poor woman might still be alive today if she had committed a crime and sent to prison. She would have had food heat and shelter, tv, social life and free medication…

  2. […] the people who have died because of ATOS Work Capability Assessments. There are known to be 30 people who have been registered with the coroner to have died as a result of the assessments. Many have committed suicide, and many more have died as a result of being found fit to work when […]

  3. Time for the class based cull to stop and the perpetrators held liable .in the European court of human rights .Cameron
    Ian Duncan smith.osbourne.

  4. […] decisions that have led people to take their own lives but instead here is a link to Calum's list. Macmillan Cancer support surveyed 200 benefits advisors. Out of these nearly a third (30%) know of […]

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  6. UC was set up solely to kill off the venerable.

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